Our Mission

The Importance of Saving our Honey Bees


The mission of Bee Friendly Foundation is

(a) To educate and encourage citizens to keep bees at home and maintain bee friendly landscapes in their yards that can help to preserve and increase bee populations; and

(b) To increase public awareness of the value of bees and the roles bees have in pollination, which is vital to our food sources; and

(c) To improve sustainability in the local community through partnerships with other organizations with similar interests.

(d) To promote the humane treatment of bees.

(e) To support scientific education and research in order to benefit bees and/or the public.

(f)  To provide for organized solicitation, collection, and distribution through gifts, grants, and other fundraising.

If you are not ready to KEEP bees yourself, but would like to do your part to plant a bee friendly yard, here are some common Texas Bee Friendly plants are: common texas bee friendly plants  <— click here for PDF

To learn more about bees and beekeeping, considering joining your local beekeeping organization. Most organizations have shared resources, beekeepers of varying levels of experience, free mini classes each month, lending libraries, discounts for beekeeping related journals, research opportunities, and much more!

Another way to support the bees is to make a donation every time you shop on Amazon!

Amazon pays it, NOT you! Thanks,


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