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You can help save the honey bee

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Worldwide, the global bee population is in serious decline. This phenomenon is known as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), with an increasing number of bee hives collapsing and many bee species becoming extinct or threatened.

Scientists and concerned beekeepers around the world are finding more evidence of the contributing causes of this serious situation. Studies and research now suggest that there are multiple factors affecting the demise of our precious honey bees including chemicals used in agricultural crops; use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides; beekeeper practices; genetically modified crops; pests and diseases; monoculture farming practices; artificial feeding; malnutrition and the list goes on.

If this disturbing trend continues, it could lead to a global food crisis due to the vital pollination role that bees play. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating about 80% of fruit and vegetable crops so this threat is not only affecting bee populations, but also critically impacting our farmers and food supply.

You can help make a difference to the bee crisis and crop pollination by “Adopting a Beehive” today. We will do the hard work, while you reap the benefits and help save the bees!

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Enjoy the flavor and health benefits of pure, unadulterated, artisan honey;
  • Help student beekeepers learn beekeeping skills, conduct research, and support the future of this vital industry;
  • Protect local bees by contributing to safe bee farms where they can live, feed and produce healthy hives and honey;
  • Assist the training of new beekeepers and establishment of more Bee Farms around Central Texas & beyond;
  • Receive a beautiful Certificate of Adoption, perfect for gifts and framing;
  • Invitations to Apiary Open House Days to taste honeys, visit some of the bees/hives, and meet the Beekeepers and their helpers.

  • Saving the world...one bee at a time!
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